Feet mobility pack
Feet mobility pack
Feet mobility pack
Feet mobility pack
Feet mobility pack
Feet mobility pack
Feet mobility pack
Feet mobility pack
Feet mobility pack

Feet mobility pack

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With Velites mobility kit, your feet will be more than ready to tackle the challenges of rigorous training and deliver peak performance. Whether you’re aiming to run faster, jump higher, or simply feel better in your everyday life, we've got you covered from heel to toe!

This pack includes:

  • Infinity ball
  • Toe spacer
  • Pebble mat
  • Mobility wedge
  • Toe mobility band

How will the products in the pack help your feet?


Targeted Relief: Dive deep into sore spots and muscle knots to expedite recovery.

Boost Circulation: Enhance blood flow, promoting faster muscle repair and rejuvenation.

Versatile Use: Suitable for post-workout relaxation or everyday stress relief on the feet.


Natural Alignment: Helps position toes in their natural state, improving overall foot health.

Enhanced Stability: Better toe separation leads to improved balance and ground grip during activities.

Relief from Overlap: Prevents rubbing and overlapping, reducing the risk of blisters and corns.


Stimulating Acupressure: Relieves foot pain and enhances overall relaxation.

Improved Proprioception: Sensory feedback sharpens your balance and foot awareness.

Foot Flexibility Boost: Regular usage can enhance flexibility and reduce foot fatigue.


Achilles Support: Decreases strain on the Achilles tendon during squats and lunges.

Ankle Mobility: Gradually improves range of motion and strength in the ankle joint.

Posture Perfection: Encourages better overall form during exercises, reducing injury risks.


Bunion Relief: Regular use can alleviate pain and correct bunion alignment.

Toe Mobility: Increases big toe’s range of motion, enhancing athletic footwork.

Strengthen Toe Muscles: Targeted resistance aids in strengthening toe and foot muscles.


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