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Amplify the benefits of your Jump Rope Fire 2.0.

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Take your training to the next level!

The weights for the Velites Jump Ropes are the perfect ally to enhance the level of your training sessions. They are specially designed by our engineers to add extra intensity to your training.

The heavier the rope, the greater the muscle engagement!

Created to add a different sensation to your training, they will help you improve your technique, increase intensity and strengthen your muscles faster.

Progress more quickly!  

By adding weights to the handles of your rope, you will gain better control of the movements of your arms. This will make you learn faster.

Prepare yourself for competition!

A daily training with weights will enhance the efficiency of your movements and develop your muscles. Afterwards, when competing without them, you’ll get the sensation of flying while jumping.

Get Exclusive Access To The Velites Sport Academy.

  • Designed by top athletes to teach you how to perfect your technique, increase mobility and recover properly from every training session.

Customer testimonials.  

Our customers’ opinion.


Thanks to the spin-on system, the rope doesn’t move while you jump. It’s perfect. Highly recommendable. But careful: the weights are only compatible with the Fire 2.0 rope!

Miguel Vicente

I use them to enhance my technique of triple jumps. I use 25 gr to start because they give me more control and if I have difficulty I tend to use 50gr. It’s unbelievable how you can improve your technique just by adding weight to the handles.

Borja Viguiristi

Flying, ha-ha! They have helped me above all to strengthen my muscles. What’s more, the packaging is really incredible, super comfortable and it doesn’t absorb the smells of your bag. I’ll give it a ten!

The perfect combination of Velites products. 

Complete the weights with a different and more versatile jumping experience. 


Add the pack of extra cables and get the perfect combination of Velites products. Get A DISCOUNT OF 10% adding the pack of cables to your order.

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“Thanks to the weights, you’ll be able to get a better feel
of the handles while building up your strength and resistance.
I could find out the difference for myself and the improvement is just incredible. “

Mark Bannon
 Professional athlete. England

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