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Jump Rope Fire 2.0 Red
Jump Rope Fire 2.0 Red
Jump Rope Fire 2.0 Red
Jump Rope Fire 2.0 Red
Jump Rope Fire 2.0 Red
Jump Rope Fire 2.0 Red
Jump Rope Fire 2.0 Red
Jump Rope Fire 2.0 Red
Jump Rope Fire 2.0 Red
Jump Rope Fire 2.0 Red
Jump Rope Fire 2.0 Red

Jump Rope Fire 2.0 Red

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SUPER LIGHT, SO YOU CAN GO FASTER - Try them out, they are the lightest ropes to use when competing, built with aluminium, period!

ADJUST THEM TO YOUR HEIGHT EASILY - Thanks to its 3.5 meters cable and the t-wrench included in the handles.

ERGONOMIC HANDLE - The different parts of the handle and its weightlifting barbell coarse ending provide a comfortable and firm handling.

DESIGNED FOR COMPETING - Used by hundreds of international competitors daily.

25, 50 AND 100 g EXTRA WEIGHTS - Improve your double and triple-under's technique or make your trainings harders with extra weights.

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Velites Fire 2.0 is the perfect ally for any competition and daily training. Designed by engineers for athletes to maximize their speed and efficiency at double unders.


A blend of high quality aluminium and top engineering allow us to produce some of the most resistant and lightest Jump Rope handles available on the market nowadays.


The adjust key extended into the base of the Fire 2.0 Jump Rope allows to adjust the length of the cable to the height of any athlete. Easy to adjust anytime and anywhere.


Maximal efficiency thanks to a perfect grip. The combination of the handle length and the diameter change creates a perfect grip that fits comfortably in your hand .


The fast rotating bearings combined with a cable at a 90º degree angle prevents your Jump Rope from entangling and allows you to train without interruptions.


El aluminio de mayor calidad combinado con el límite a nivel de ingeniería que permite producir las empuñaduras más resistentes y ligeras entre las combas de salto.


La comba Fire 2.0 incluye una llave allen en su interior que permite ajustar la longitud del cable a cualquier atleta. Fácil de ajustar en cualquier momento, en cualquier lugar.


La máxima eficiencia es posible únicamente con el agarre perfecto. El agarre perfecto nace de la combinación entre la longitud y el cambio de diámetro que se adapta a tu mano. tu entrenamiento.


Los mejores rodamientos de alta velocidad combinados con un cable en ángulo de 90º para evitar que el cable se enrede y no vuelvas a detenerte durante tu entrenamiento.

Available in 3 colours

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Customer testimonials

The opinion of our customers about Velites products


Just a week ago I started doing double unders with a rope they gave me in my CrossFit box. Afterwards I tried again with a Velites Jump Rope of a friend of mine and my double unders went much better, nearly perfectly. As soon as I arrived home I ordered one. Yesterday I received it. I would have bought it before, if I had known. An excellent rope!

Co-Founder of PageFly


Yesterday I received the Jump Rope. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! The skipping is very light and it has a good grip. At first sight you can appreciate that it’s made of durable material. With my former Jump Rope, I could only jump for a limited period of time. With this rope, as it is so light, I was able to concentrate on my skipping and I automatically improved my speed. Fantastic!

Co-Founder of PageFly


Rope with an outstanding design and a good grip thanks to the bar knurling finish. Its rotation is excellent! A good idea to insert the adjust key! The cable is just perfect (a bit rigid for the first two or three days, though). One drawback: the Jump Rope is a bit light, but as you can buy some weights apart, the problem is easily solved. The 2 mm cable is excellent for beginners but if you want to reach more speed you should buy the 1.8mm.Very recommendable!!!!!

Co-Founder of PageFly

The perfect combination of Velites products

Buy the weights and improve the efficiency of your new Jump Rope.


Add weights to your Jump Rope Fire 2.0 and expand your possibilities during training sessions with the Set of Weights and the Pack of Cables. Get the most out of your Jump Rope and add the Set of Weights and the 3 Cables to your basket to develop your jumping expertise at different levels.

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“The most efficient Jump Rope I’ve ever tried. It’s light,
resistant, doesn’t entangle and spins smoothly.“

Mitchel Adams - Professional athlete 
Norton Canes United Kingdom

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