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Hand Grip Shell Flexy Red
Hand Grip Shell Flexy Red
Hand Grip Shell Flexy Red
Hand Grip Shell Flexy Red
Hand Grip Shell Flexy Red
Hand Grip Shell Flexy Red
Hand Grip Shell Flexy Red
Hand Grip Shell Flexy Red

Hand Grip Shell Flexy Red

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No more ripped hands with 3 layers of high technology. Be ready to master your muscle-ups. 

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Hand Grips Velites Shell Flexy

Hand Grips consisting of a unique system of 3 layers to ensure a perfect grip during pull-ups and offer protection during burpees and weight-lifting.


The Artico Layer helps retain magnesium and has a special anti-slippery effect. It absorbs sweat and stays dry for hours.


The Flexy layer reduces the impact during training sessions and absorbs vibration which, in turn, will improve your grip.


The Ondura Layer offers greater resistance to friction and erosion during the training. The micro Velcro provides a powerful hold for an enhanced and worry-free training experience.

Gain Stability

The Hand Grips Velites Shell Flexy are aimed at improving stability during snatch, squat, clean and jerk. The Flexy layer has been designed to enable you to distribute the weights evenly without reducing sensibility.

Prevents Joint Damage

Burpees, squats, clean and jerk, and weightlifting might cause damage to your joints. The Flexy Layer absorbs and reduces the vibration at each repetition.

Ergonomic Design

Carefully thought out for common training sessions and designed for anthropometric perfection. They cover the palm of the hand completely to prevent injuries. Thanks to their elasticity they offer extreme comfort.

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This is what our fellow athletes think about the Velites products.

Mikel Diago

These hand grips are like no other. The grip is perfect and the materials are very impressive. The elasticity is perfect for pull ups and muscle ups. Super good grip and combines perfectly with chalk.Agarran muy bien y con magnesio no te despegas del rack. Ahora a darles caña y a disfrutarlas. Muy recomendables!!!

Marina G

I didn't use hand grips because my sensitivity decreases. More over other hand grips didn't adapt well to my workout routine. One day my partner let me try them and I immediately bought ones. I don't worry anymore about calluses and sensitivity is great.


I have used both 2 and 3 hole hand grips before but it always was a mess and didn't like the results. The velites hand grips are different, smooth flexible and they protect the whole palm with only 2 holes. Just Great!Con estas desde el primer uso se nota la diferencia. Cómodas, se adaptan a la mano perfecto, con dos agujeros recogen toda la palma de la mano y sobre todo, no hacen pellizcos. Además me gusta mucho cómo agarran la muñeca.

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Add Wrist Wraps Core to your order and get free shipping. The Wrist Wraps Core are adjustable and remain firm during the whole WOD thanks to their 2-layered technology.

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“The best alternative to gym gloves.
I have no more ripped hands.
I use them for weight lifting and wear them nearly all the time during my training sessions.
The sensitivity and the grip are incredible."

Alexandre Jolivet
- Professional athlete / France

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