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Wrist Wraps Core Green I good wrist wraps for weightlifting
Wrist Wraps Core Green I good wrist wraps for weightlifting
Wrist Wraps Core Green I good wrist wraps for weightlifting
Wrist Wraps Core Green I good wrist wraps for weightlifting
Wrist Wraps Core Green I good wrist wraps for weightlifting
Wrist Wraps Core Green I good wrist wraps for weightlifting

Wrist Wraps Core Green

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YOU MOVE, THEY WON'T! - Designed for functional trainings, strength trainings or weightlifting and especially in order to maintain a good grip through the whole session.

THEY HELP TO IMPROVE YOUR SCORES - Thanks to their unique grip they will help to improve your personal records in OHS, Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

PROTECT YOUR WRISTS - It's one of the most affected area in sports injuries and it's necessary to protect it. Use decent wrist wraps and don't take any risk.

PATENTED 2 LAYERS MATERIALS - Made with no animal materials. Resistant and slightly stretchable for a perfect fit.

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    Adjustable 2-layered Wrist Wraps. They are anti-slip and covered with synthetic perforated leather, so that they don’t move while you’re training no matter what you do. They protect your wrists from injuries. Always firm and secure.

    Adjustable pressure for unrivalled impact protection. Designed to protect the wrists and prevent wrist pain.

    It’s generally known that when your training consists of movements of high intensity , the wrist suffers a lot. As several studies carried out in the field confirm, wrist pain is undoubtedly one of the main problems athletes around the world complain about.

    They are manufactured with indestructable 2-layered high-tech fabric

    The two layers of high quality leather-like material are combined to guarantee your safety 100% during an intense weightlifting training (overhead squat, muscle-ups or any other movement with or without bar).

    Always firm and secure.

    The Core Wrist Wraps stabilize the wrists and reduce muscle fatigue in the arms without losing firmness.

    Manufactured to last

    They are made to last and are designed with patented fabrics from the industrial footwear industry for unique strength and flexibility.

    Better your PR’s

    Thanks to the extra security and support the Wrist Wraps offer you, you’ll be able to boost your personal records in OHS, snipped, snatch or clean and jerk.

    Get Exclusive Access To The Velites Sport Academy.

    • Designed by top athletes to teach you how to perfect your technique, increase mobility and recover properly from every training session.

    Customer testimonials

    Our customers’ opinion.

    Alain Dominguez

    You know that Wrist Wraps fit you to perfection when your maximum Over Head Squat goes up 15 kg right away. At first glance you can see they are of good quality and never before had I seen this kind of fabric. I will never change them and I’m sure it won’t be necessary because I know they will last for years!

    Pablo Cobos

    I even use them to do Burpees although of course they result most helpful for weightlifting. They don’t move during the training and absorb sweat very well. I’ll give them 5 stars. The last thing I expected was that a pair of Wrist Wraps would be able to surprise me to such extent. 

    Natalia Hernandez

    They are flexible and firm at the same time. They are different from other Wrist Wraps and although I’ve been using them for almost three months, they keep their shape perfectly. They absorb sweat well and in the end you even forget you’re wearing them. 

    The perfect combination of Velites products.

    Your best ally for a training session centred on repetitions and not on discomfort or pain: 

    Wrist Wraps Shell Flexy.

    Add the Hand Grips Shell Flexy by Velites to your order of Wrist Wraps and get free shipping. The Hand Grips consist of 3 layers of high tech fabric to prevent injuries on the hands, to improve stability on the bar and to reduce vibration in the joints.

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    "The best alternative to gym gloves. I have no more ripped hands after training.
    I use them for weight lifting and wear them nearly all the time during my training sessions.
    The sensitivity and the grip are incredible.."

    - Professional athlete / Norton Canes United Kingdon

    Some frequently asked questions answered.

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    How do I adjust them?
    What makes the Wrist Wraps Core different from others?
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