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Shell Pro Wave Hand Grips
Shell Pro Wave Hand Grips
Shell Pro Wave Hand Grips
Shell Pro Wave Hand Grips
Shell Pro Wave Hand Grips
Shell Pro Wave Hand Grips
Shell Pro Wave Hand Grips
Shell Pro Wave Hand Grips
Shell Pro Wave Hand Grips

Shell Pro Wave Hand Grips

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ATTENTION : This Hand Grips has Just ONE SIZE. 

DURABLE AND STEADY GRIP - The 2 layer of perforated and porous materials make them the best choice for any serious athlete. These hand grips will fulfill the most demanding workouts and help athletes focus during competitions.

FINGERS AND PALM PROTECTED WITH THE HOOK GRIP SYSTEM - These hand grips are designed to be a bit longer than other models and therefore help you grab the bar firmly during the WOD. Our HOOK GRIP SYSTEM is responsible for this. The material will cover all you palm and fingers seamlessly while doing pull-ups, muscle-ups or even weightlifting movements.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN FOR DEMANDING WORKOUTS - Carefully Thought out for the most demanding workouts and engineered for anthropometric perfection. They cover the whole palm to avoid injuries while being extremely comfortable, thanks to their elasticity.

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In Velites, you’ll find a hand grip for each kind of athlete.

There are four different models at your disposal: Shell Flexy, Shell Pro, Pro Wave, and Quad Carbon.

Check the tutorial and learn more about you next hand grips. Let us guide you in your choice!

SHELL PRO WAVE: Stop fewer times.Period.

The SHELL PRO WAVE is longer than the regular SHELL Pro and will protect both the palm of your hand and the fingers.

The hook grip will improve and protect your hands during Farmer Carry, kettlebell swings, weight-lifting, pull-ups or muscle-ups. 

Velites Shell Pro Wave Hand Grips

Designed for the athletes who want to use the hook grip. 


Allows perspiration and has been designed to prevent sweat from soaking the handgrip.


Friction resistant and prevents magnesium from wearing out.

hook grip system

The hook system increases grips while  protecting palm and fingers. 

Get exclusive access to the Velites Sport Academy.

  • Designed by top athletes to teach you how to perfect your technique, increase mobility and recover properly from every training session.

Ready to upgrade your level?

Combine your Hand Grips with the best Velites Gear

Shell Pro Wave Hand Grips + Stone Callus Remover


Shell Pro Wave Hand Grips + Fire 2.0 pack


“The best alternative to gym gloves.
I have no more ripped hands.
I use them for weight lifting and wear them nearly all the time during my training sessions.
The sensitivity and the grip are incredible."

Alexandre Jolivet
- Professional athlete / France

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